Promsin Masrinoul, Ph.D.

Promsin Masrinoul, Ph.D.
  Head of Center for Vaccine Development

Ext. 1420, 1602
Field of Research:Vaccine Development

Research and development on live attenuated tetravalent dengue vaccine with safety and ability to provide long lasting protective immunity has been pursued since 1980. Vaccine production was achieved by serially passages of dengue viruses in the certified cells under GLP compliance and guidance by WHO Peer Review Committee. We aim at 1-2 doses vaccine which could be able to produce a life-long protective immunity. Beside dengue vaccine, development of JE live and inactivated vaccine are also in progress with satisfactory outcome.

Facilities for laboratory testing as well as experience personnel offer CVD to serve as a WHO Reference laboratory on serology and virology for dengue and JE viruses. Samples from various countries were sent through WHO/TDR network to CVD for laboratory testing or standardizing as well as for evaluating of the vaccine products or diagnostic test kits. Training for scientists from various countries, for example, the course under PDVI programme has been successfully accomplished by the team of scientists at CVD. More than 20 years experience on dengue diagnosis has been approved not only by WHO Peer Review Committee but also by the quality assurance teams from various private vaccine industries.

We also provide dengue and JE diagnostic on serology and virology as well as candidate vaccine evaluation for academic contribution such as; Plaque size morphology of DEN-4 parental and candidate vaccine strainsPlaque strains Preparation of certified cells for dengue vaccine Preparation vaccine.

At present, networks with Thai researchers and vaccine industries from several countries have been lunched for collaboration in dengue and JE vaccine research and development. Besides, both basic and applied research leading to the development of knowledge and technologies for dengue and JE diseases are in progress and also open for collaborations.