Academic Programs

Academic Programs


Mahidol University Education Philosophy

Administering education that focuses on learners’ achievements by means of a learning-centered approach for self-development of knowledge, abilities, and new skills


Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering

Established in 1994, the Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering Program aims to foster young scientists to become independent key researchers and leaders capable of applying molecular bioscience to address a wide range of scientific problems.


Our Neuroscience Program is the first and only international program in Thailand that integrates cellular function, molecular neurobiology, brain chemistry and development, neuropathology, human and animal behaviors, and psychiatric problems.

Systems Biosciences

The Ph.D. Program in Systems Biosciences offers graduate training in modern and integrative biology topics from different areas of medical science. Through multi-omics approaches, students will dive into molecules, cells and complete systems.


Overview of MB Academic Programs