Pongsopee Attasart, Ph.D.

Pongsopee Attasart, Ph.D.
Email:  pongsopee.att@mahidol.ac.th
Phone : (+66) 2-441-9003-7: Ext:1259

  -Development of strategies for shrimp disease prevention via RNAi mediated technique and immune activation by prebiotics.
-Understanding of mechanisms involving in systemic RNAi and study of factors that impact on shrimp RNAi.

Phattara-orn Havanapan, Ph.D.

Phattaraorn Havanapan, Ph.D.
Phone: (+66) 2-441-9003-7: Ext: 1410

The extracted peptides/proteins and their application will lead to possible use of a great biotechnological resource to develop peptide–based product for the treatment of microbial infection or boost innate immune response in various organisms.