For trainee/visitors

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Thank you for choosing MB for your internship program!
Before you can start your internship at MB, you need to register with us as a trainee, by following these steps:

1. Contact to your affiliated department or faculty, which you are currently enrolled, so that they can provide you with an Internship Request Letter.
Click here for a sample of Internship Request Letter.

Make sure that the Internship Request Letter contains the following information:
1.1 Your name and surname
1.2 Your current year of study, department, and faculty that you are currently enrolled.
1.3 The period of time of your internship
1.4 The name of the academic staff of the Institute of Molecular Biosciences that you have contacted for your internship. (In the case that you have not contacted any of the academic staff, the Institute will contact the academic staff based on their availability.)
1.5 Internship Request Letter approved and signed by the dean or the representative of the dean of your affiliation.

2. Submit the Internship Request Letter to:
Office of Research and Innovation affair

Contact: Ms. Petcharin Pareong
Tel. 02 4419003-7, ext. 1226

3. Submit an online Trainee registration form 2020 when the Internship Request Letter is sent. (Link: Trainee registration form 2022)

The Institute will contact you back as soon as we receive the document.

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