Kulnasan Saikhun

Kulnasan Saikhun, Ph.D.,
Asst. Prof.

Ext. 1389
Email: kulnasan.sai@mahidol.ac.th
Field of Research: Animal sperm preservation and evaluation of sperm quality

 My current research, the study on factors affecting the quality of cooled and frozen-thawed sperm in many species of animals such as dairy cattle, pig, domestic cat and even Asian elephant (Elephas maximus), ultimately aims at finding the suitable sperm preservation protocol which reveals the good sperm quality.

     Generally, in vitro preservation of sperm cells could be accomplished by two methods, i.e. cooling, at the temperature lower than body temp but higher than the freezing point of water, and freezing, at subzero temperature. The important advantage of freezing over cooling is the longer preservation time of sperm which makes frozen sperm suitable to be used in the distant area especially across country as well as used to preserve gametes of superior genetic animals as a sperm/semen bank. Nevertheless, irrespective of species of animal, the in vitro and in vivo qualities of sperm after being frozen-thawed are usually decreased hugely in comparison to those of fresh and cooled sperm. This is one of the reasons for the significance of doing more researches on various aspects of animal sperm.

Selected Publications

The in vitro quality of frozen-thawed Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) spermatozoa in semen supplemented with Equex STM paste and oxytocin during and after cryopreservation

2013; Reproductive Biology; Buranaamnuay, K. | Mahasawangkul, S. | Saikhun, K.

Cell cycle synchronization of skin fibroblast cells in four species of family felidae

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Effect of pre-freeze semen quality, extender and cryoprotectant on the post-thaw quality of Asian elephant (Elephas maximus indicus) semen

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Impairment of CD4CD25+ regulatory T cells in C4-deficient mice

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Seminal plasma MDA concentrations correlating negatively with semen quality in Asian elephants

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Full Publications