Pongsopee Attasart

Pongsopee Attasart, Ph.D.

Ph.D. (Molecular Genetics and Genetic-engineering), Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Mahidol University, 2003
Ext. 1259
Email: pongsopee.att@mahidol.ac.thattasart_aung@hotmail.com
Research Interests :

Development of strategy for shrimp disease protection via RNAi mediated technique
and immune activation by prebiotics
Understanding of mechanism of systemic RNAi and extracellular dsRNA uptake in

Selected Publications

1. Attasart P., Kaewkhaw R., Chimwai C., Kongphom U., Namramoon O., Panyim S. 2009. Inhibition of white spot syndrome virus replication in Penaeus monodon by combined silencing of viral rr2 and shrimp PmRab7. Virus Res. 145: 127-133.

2. Attasart, P., Kaewkhaw, R., Chimwai, C., Kongphom, U., Namramoon, O., Panyim, S. 2010. Inhibition of Penaeus monodon densovirus (PmDNV) replication in shrimp by double-stranded RNA. Arch. Virol. 155: 825-832.

3. Attasart, P., Kaewkhaw, R., Chimwai, C., Kongphom, U., Panyim, S. 2011. Clearance of Penaeus monodon densovirus in naturally pre-infected shrimp by combined ns1 and vp dsRNAs. Virus Res. 159: 79-82.

4. Attasart, P., Namramoon, O., Kongphom, U., Chimwai, C., Panyim, S. 2013. Ingestion of bacteria expressing dsRNA triggers specific RNA silencing in shrimp. Virus Res. 171: 252-256.

5. Chimwai, C., Tongboonsong, P., Namramoon, O., Panyim, S., Attasart, P. 2016. A formulated double-stranded RNA diet for reducing Penaeus monodon densovirus infection in black tiger shrimp. J. Invertebr. Pathol. 134: 23-26.

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