Vision, Missions and Core Values


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To be a world-class research institute in the field of molecular biosciences

A world-class research institute means an outstanding research institute in academic research, technology, and innovation, has an international cooperation network, has income to support the organization, and is sufficient for continuous self-improvement. Besides, personnel at all levels are committed and proud of the organization.

Vision indicators are 1) the institute’s h-index, 2) the number and average citations of published research, 3) the courses are certified to international standards, 4) revenue from research, academic services, and intellectual property, and 5) affiliate assessment.  Read more.. 


  1. Generating exceptional basic and applied research, increasing the science and technology knowledge pool, and prompting innovations that drive society forward.
  2. Creating excellent graduates with the potential to generate world-class research.
  3. Designing excellent academic services to address the needs of society.
  4. Promoting arts and culture and creating an environment that is safe and harmonious and consistent with green policy.
  5. Building a network of international collaborations in education and research in order to raise the quality of graduates, research and innovation.
  6. Promoting efficient and effective management systems and human resource development to cope with changes proficiently, consistent with an international standard of quality.

Core Values: WE MB

W  =  Wisdom
 =  Excellence
M  =  Mastery
=  Belonging