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รองศาสตราจารย์ ดร.กนกพร ไตรวิทยากร
Phone: (+66) 2-441-9003-7: Ext: 1339

ดร.สุพัตรา ตรีรัตน์ตระกูล
Phone: (+66) 2-441-9003-7: Ext: 1303

ดร.นริศรา โกมลวรรธนะ
Phone: (+66) 2-441-9003-7: Ext: 1360

To study the innovative and technological learning with the authentic environment and
to create the digital learning environment platform to help and support the students’ sustainable development.

ดร.ภัทรอร หาวนพันธ์
Phone: (+66) 2-441-9003-7: Ext: 1410

The extracted peptides/proteins and their application will lead to possible use of a great biotechnological resource to develop peptide–based product for the treatment of microbial infection or boost innate immune response in various organisms.

ดร.อาภาพร สุทธิพัฒนสมบุญ
Phone: +66 (2) 441 9003 to 7 Office: 1476, Lab: 1360

  We use reverse genetics to elucidate factors underlying good quality produce and high yielding crops.

ดร.พงโสภี อัตศาสตร์
Phone : (+66) 2-441-9003-7: Ext:1259

  -Development of strategies for shrimp disease prevention via RNAi mediated technique and immune activation by prebiotics.
-Understanding of mechanisms involving in systemic RNAi and study of factors that impact on shrimp RNAi.