Research Highlights

Genome Mapping for Molecular breeding in cassava

Cassava is one of the most economically important crops in Thailand. During the years 2009-2010, Thailand produced some 22 million tons of cassava and exported it in the forms of cassava flour, chips and pellets generating a total income of about 66 thousand million baht.

Uncover the Pathway of Cell Death

Infections with the dengue virus are a significant problem, not only in Thailand, but also in many tropical and sub-tropical countries around the world and there is currently no preventive vaccine or effective drug for treatment.

System biology of dengue virus

Most famously, all viruses require host ribosomes to generate more viral proteins. There are many more examples of such parasitic behavior, and certainly more to be discovered.


(Mapping Analogous Nuclei Onto Residue And Affinity) for identifying protein-ligand fragment interaction, pathways and SNPs.

We discovered how dengue virus begins replication

How do viruses make more viruses in host cell? For RNA viruses, the viral RNA-copying enzyme (RdRp) must first latch on to a specific region of RNA, and then proceed to churn out a complete copy of the virus.

Stop crustacean cruelty

You may know that almost all shrimps you are eating are produced by farming. But, do you know that in order to produce shrimp eggs and hatchings, eyestalks are cut from mother shrimps to induce them to lay eggs?

Put an end to hemoglobin Bart’s

Thalassemia is a wide spread genetic disease presented as chronic anemia. Hemoglobin Bart’s hydrops fetalis, the most severe form of thalassemia, is fatal and uniformly results in still birth when there is a homozygous defect of alpha thalassemia 1.This can be avoided if parents who are carriers for the alpha thalassemia 1 know their genetic status. Thank to an invention of a strip test for rapid detection of hemoglobin Bart’s, screening for the alpha thalassemia 1 carrier can be simply done. A multicenter validation study of this immunochromatographic strip test has shown that the test is highly sensitive and specific, thus rule out mass populations for further alpha thalassemia 1 detection by PCR-based analysis.

New look at an old remedy

Fah talai jone is a well known medicinal plant in Thailand. The leaves are traditionally used to make an exceedingly bitter tea for treating a number of ailments including fever and infections. Because of the extremely bitter nature of the tea, the plant is often taken nowadays in capsule form.

Melatonin for your brain!

Melatonin, a neurohormone secreted mainly by the pineal gland, has a variety of physiological functions and neuroprotective effects.