Office of General Management


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  Office of General Management :
Name-Surname Phone Note
Ms.Natthanit Srimaserm 1414  natthanit.sri .Institute Secretary and Acting Assistant Director for Human Resources
Ms.Patchawan Phungthanomjit 1159  patchawan.phu Head of Office of General Management
Ms.Panichanat Yatbantung 1153  panichanat.yat Finance, Procurement and Revenue
Ms.Phongsri Sawangsukskul 1152  phongsri.swa Finance, Procurement and Revenue
Ms.Pitchapat Hanprab 1154  pitchapat.han Finance, Procurement and Revenue
Ms.Thiparat Meakhaamnouychai 1141  tipaphat.mak Finance, Procurement and Revenue
Ms.Pada Thongsri 1143  pada.tho Finance, Procurement and Revenue
Ms.Amornrat Onchan 1135  amornrat.onc Finance, Procurement and Revenue
Acting 2,Lt.Ancharika Polkith 1143  ancharika.yaw Finance, Procurement and Revenue
Ms.Peeraya Tongyen 1147  peeraya.ton Finance, Procurement and Revenue
Ms.Anchittar Jiamkorakot 1135  anchittar.jia Finance, Procurement and Revenue
Ms.Nutnaree Clompong 1120  nutnaree.clo Human Resources
Ms.Pilawan Thongsomkhit 1137  pilawan.tho Human Resource
Mr.Piyapunbhoom Thongprasong 1162  piyapunbhoom.tho Human Resource
Ms.Nuttawan Sreejinda 1117  nuttawan.sre Administration
Mr.Narong Thongnoi 1144  narong.tho Administration
Mr.Khanatip Meethawee 1127  khanathip.mee Administration
Mr.Komgrit Tiacharoen 1144  komgrit.tia Administration
Ms.Chaveang Moungkreaw Administration
Mr.Tri Kheopheka 1140  tri.khe Administration
Mr.Naruecha Parnsawad 1142  naruecha.par Administration
Ms.Pensri Hongthong 1127  pensri.hon Administration
Mr.Pyroj Viriyaboonyapivad 1127  pyroj.vii Administration
Mr.Yarnyong Kongmahaphuk 1101  yarnyong.kon Administration
Mr.Wasu Photisat 1140  wasu.pot Administration
Mr.Wanlop Rotbunlue 1127  wonlop.rob Administration
Mr.Winai KhamKom 1127  winai.kak Administration
Mr.Viroje Wongwai 1127  viroje.won Administration
Mr.Saard Thongkum 1127  saard.thn Administration
Mr.Suchat Mantasutr 1142 Administration
Ms.Supron Yuawad  supron.yua Administration
Ms.Ployyodchat Phattarapongkon 1451  ployyodchat.pha Administration
Mr.Chookiat Khongkhanon 1606-1610  chookiat.kho Administration
Mr.Nopadon Machomsomboon 1606-1610  nopadon.mac Administration
Mr.Sorawit Worapradidth 1130  sorawit.wor Communication and Information Technology
Mr.Jomkhawn Songthawee 1130  jomkhawn.son Communication and Information Technology
Ms.Kaewklao Banjong 1111 Communication and Information Technology
Mr.Ritkakrit Poonsri 1111  ritkakrit.pon Communication and Information Technology
Ms.Yada Uasmith 1161  yada.uas Communication and Information Technology
Ms.Chaowanee Phanlapha 1132  chaowanee.pha Planning and Quality Development